Your path to a healthier, stress-free lifestyle

Rely on our experienced family nutritionists who specialise in building personalised plans to fit your lifestyle. From helping families with picky eaters, working with intolerances and allergies to managing specific health goals and conditions, we’ve got you covered.

Meet Rachel, Family Nutritionist

I’m a bachelor-qualified and registered clinical nutritionist and the owner of Busy Families Nutrition. My passion is to help people thrive in their busy lives through food and lifestyle changes.

Imagine springing out of bed, never having to deal with that afternoon slump at work, being able to deal with stressful events with grace, and having enough energy to play with the kids. That’s my goal for you, too!

Additionally, I’m passionate about setting people up for success when it comes to meal planning and preparation. I tailor plans to fit into your lifestyle and budget, removing the daily struggle of deciding what to eat.

How we can help

Maternal Nutrition

Boosting health for conception and the best start to life.


Child Nutrition

Establishing health eating patterns and addressing specific health goals and conditions.


Adult Nutrition

Addressing individual goals and health conditions. For all ages and lifestyles.


Family Nutrition

Tailored meal plans to address specific health goals and medical conditions while feeding your household whatever the size.


Let us do the work for you!

Do you feel like you are constantly running on empty and stressed all the time?

Or maybe someone in your family is always run down and catches every bug that comes around?

Perhaps you’re at your wits’ end trying to make sure your family eats a healthy and balanced diet, but you’re tired of having to come up with new ideas and battle picky eating at every meal?

Let us help.

Our family nutritionists can assist you in building a plan that ensures you feel energised and ready to battle whatever life throws at you while ensuring the rest of your family’s nutritional needs are met. We use evidence-based research to offer accurate and effective guidance.

Not Sure You're Ready to Commit?

That’s ok, we understand.

If you’d like to learn more, you can book a FREE 15 minute Discovery Call where we can discuss your health concerns and ask any questions you have before moving forward.

This is an ideal time to determine if we are a good match. If not, we can recommend you to someone who might be a better fit.

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